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I received my Ph.D in Philosophy from Northwestern University in 2015. I currently teach philosophy at Northeastern Illinois University. My core philosophical interests are in political philosophy and ethics, broadly construed to include feminist philosophy, critical philosophy of race, democratic theory and political economy.

Much of my research has to do with egalitarian relationships — why they’re important, and what exactly they look like in specific practical contexts. Read more about my academic work here.

In addition to my academic research, I also frequently write for non-academic publications on political topics. Some of my non-academic writing has appeared recently in the JacobinLos Angeles Review of Books, and In These Times. One of my recent articles was featured in a piece at the New York Times.

I’ve lived on the north side of Chicago for almost a decade — some of the time in Rogers Park, some of the time in Uptown. I enjoy making music, cooking elaborate meals and building bikes.