Recent publications

“Gentrification and the Racialization of Space,” Philosophy and Social Criticism (forthcoming)

“Gentrification” in The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of the City (Forthcoming) 

“Gentrification as Injustice: An Egalitarian Approach to Urban Housing Markets,” Public Affairs Quarterly (January 2017)

About my research

My core research interests are in political philosophy, feminist philosophy, critical philosophy of race, and democratic theory. Much of my work is concerned with understanding the wrongness of inequality. 

At the moment, I am working on several article-length projects. In one such project, I expand on some of the themes taken up in my paper “Gentrification as Injustice” and reply to a number of objections. In another, I argue that relational egalitarianism—the view that our relationships to others should be unstructured by domination—weighs in favor of reparations for historical injustices such as chattel slavery in the United States. In another paper in the works, I ask whether it makes sense to view contemporary masculinity as a vice, as a set of dispositions that is bad for the agent who has it.

In the (hopefully not too distant) future, I’d like to return to an earlier, unfinished project that attempts to draw on insights from recent deliberative democratic theory to make a case for democratic economic planning as an alternative to the market as a mechanism for making decisions about large-scale economic investment. My view is that democratic control of investment is a necessary condition for political democracy, on the one hand, but also a superior means—when compared to capitalism—of promoting human flourishing, on the other.