Recent publications

“Gentrification as Injustice: An Egalitarian Approach to Urban Housing Markets,” Public Affairs Quarterly (January 2017)

About my research

My core research interests are in ethics and political philosophy. My current writing projects expand on  arguments developed in my dissertation, where I advanced an interpretation and defense of relational egalitarianism, the view that equality is fundamentally about securing certain kinds of relationships (rather than about making sure everyone possesses equal amounts of goods.) Equal relationships, I argue, are relationships free of domination in which the persons who stand in them are able to interact as peers for the purposes of social cooperation and political decision-making. This project, in turn, requires sensitivity to real-world cases of inequality in all of their empirical richness. Accordingly, my interests in moral and political philosophy in general cannot disentangled from strong interests in feminist philosophy, critical philosophy of race, democratic theory and political economy.

At the moment, I am working on several article-length projects. In one such project, I expand on some of the themes taken up in my paper “Gentrification as Injustice.” In another paper I’m co-authoring with a colleague, we take on the topic of cultural appropriation. In another work in progress, I try to show that respecting others as political equals does not having anything per se to do with promoting their well-being. In another paper in the works I try to determine whether relational egalitarianism has anything distinctive to add to debates about reparations for historical injustice.

In the (hopefully not too distant) future, I’d like to return to an earlier, unfinished project that attempts to draw on insights from recent deliberative democratic theory to make a case for democratic economic planning as an alternative to the market as a mechanism for making decisions about large-scale economic investment.