In the classroom, I try to win my students to the idea that thinking seriously about philosophical questions is valuable, rewarding and relevant to their lives. I try to challenge every student to see the problems we address together as problems that they must grapple with (and attempt to solve) themselves, using their own reasoning powers.

I also thoroughly enjoy teaching. Although I often teach coursework that falls within my areas of specialization, I also enjoy teaching material that I myself have not yet read but am eager to learn more about. This gives me the opportunity to begin to master new literatures and benefit from class discussion of the material with students. But so, too, is it a useful way of showing students how to map out areas of research and work though them rigorously and carefully.

The longer I teach, the more interested I’ve become in scholarly research on pedagogy and student learning. I have only recently become aware of the American Association of Philosophy Teachers, but I hope to become more involved with their work in the future.